Bak Su Smart Irragation System

Bak Su Smart Irragation System

Brand : Bakım Plastik

Product Features

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Bak Su Smart Irrigation Systems;

  • Agricultural irrigation with the internet of things Artificial intelligence controlled irrigation system
  • TIOT system community that works integrated with the pressure and drip irrigation systems used in agricultural irrigation
  • The aim of this study, which is about the losses that farmers are aware of but cannot intervene in agricultural irrigation areas, is brought to the agenda by the farmers, in order to inform the farmers in real time about the losses of the farmers and the use of fertilizer, water, electricity they have used, and to minimize the expenses that may occur with the autonomous operation of the system.
  • The farmer can access both the control and reporting of agricultural irrigation with the remote mobile application, by eliminating the constant commuting to the field to irrigate.
  • In case of theft of the cables providing the energy connection between the current irrigation control panel used by the farmer and the transformer, the farmer is instantly informed in real time via the mobile application.
  • Due to the tariffs in the irrigated regions, electricity failures or interruptions are experienced when farmers start irrigation at the same time intervals. In these power cuts, when the farmer fertilizes with irrigation, the manure in the fertilizer tank is vacuumed by the pump during power cuts, and the manure goes underground with water. This situation causes both the mixing of groundwater with chemicals and the loss of fertilizer in the user's fertilizer tank, resulting in a decrease in product yield and reflection of the fertilizer cost to the farmer. In case of electricity going out by attaching a ball valve to the fertilizer tanks, the valves of the fertilizer tank are closed as soon as the system power outage information is received, preventing the loss of fertilizer.
  • Existing Irrigation panels have compensation systems to prevent the well from drawing too much inductive load from the network. In case of faults in compensation or running out of capacitor tubes, farmers are penalized by the energy company in the next month's electricity bill. In the system we have developed, in case of compensation failure and capacitor tubes run out, instant information is given to the farmer with artificial intelligence control.
  • In the system we have developed, the electrical energy available on the irrigation panel and the current data drawn by the pump during irrigation are instantly available on the visual interface via the user mobile application. Operating the pump in cases where the available electrical energy is above or below certain limits causes pump failures. In case the limits are determined from the user-specified voltage information interface for this, the pump is automatically turned off by the system and the user is immediately informed if it exceeds those limit values. If the voltage values ​​are within the limits and the pump is started to irrigate, the current drawn by the pump increases in some cases, causing the pump to malfunction or burn. Again, the current limit value is determined by the user, and if this limit is exceeded, the pump is automatically turned off by the system and the user is informed via the instant application.
  • Irrigation systems used by farmers are realized with drip or sprinkler irrigation systems. During irrigation, various problems such as clogged pipes, punctures or the removal of sprinklers and plugs occur, causing the farmer to experience loss of water, electricity, and crops. The pressure sensor in the system we have developed is mechanically attached to the pump, and the system software detects the situations such as clogging, puncture of the pipes, or the removal of the sprinklers, plugs, and provides instant information to the user in order to solve the problem immediately.
  • In the case of drip irrigation in the current system, the filters are clogged due to the sand in the groundwater and the filters must be cleaned manually. In the system we have developed, a ball valve is attached to the filters and the filters are automatically cleaned remotely by the user.
  • Irrigation wells are damaged in case of instantaneous electricity fluctuations in the irrigation panels. In the system we have developed, it is determined how many minutes the pump will be started after the electricity goes back and forth, determined by the user, and in this way, pump failures are prevented.
  • It saves water in agricultural irrigation.
  • It prevents the penalties that will arise from the use of reactive energy in agricultural irrigation.
  • It prevents malfunctions that may occur in the pump in agricultural irrigation.
  • In agricultural irrigation, the product provides an increase in productivity.
  • It prevents chemicals such as fertilizers from mixing with groundwater in agricultural irrigation.
  • It prevents the loss of chemical substances such as fertilizers in agricultural irrigation.
  • It saves travel expenses and time by providing remote controlled use of the couple in agricultural irrigation.
  • It provides financial savings in agricultural irrigation.

All the situations mentioned above are provided by the automation software system.

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